Unplanned Food Trip at Maginhawa St.

They say that it’s more fun sometimes to do things spontaneously. I find this really hard to believe as being obsessive-compulsive individual who plans everything ahead, wants everything organized and thinks about budget all the time. Months ago, we had an unplanned food trip at Maginhawa Street as we had to run some personal errands and while the time before heading back to Manila to avoid traffic. It was not part of our itinerary but I had a great time – enjoyed the food and our little discoveries as well.

First Stop: Fat Cousins’ Diner

Fat Cousins Diner is located at 114 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Diliman, Quezon City, serving affordable American a la carte meals – premium steak, beef burger, Hungarian sausage, mashed potato, fries and bottomless soda. I liked the inspiring and motivational quotes on the walls and glass doors.





Second Stop: Laruan Atbp Café

Laruan Atbp Café’ is a must-visit board game and food spot located at the Ground Floor, Luisa Building, 107 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Diliman, Quezon City. When I searched online to look for a place where we can have coffee and dessert after lunch, this popped up. We found out that it’s co-owned by Kamikazee vocalist Jay Contreras and since we were curious about what the place has to offer, we went ahead. We just had a cup coffee + cheesecake 🙂

IMG_3358 IMG_3363


Third Stop: 55  Tinta Tattoo Shop

55 Tinta Tattoo is located just on the 2nd Floor of the same building where Laruan Atbp Café is located. It’s co-owned by Kamikazee vocalist Jay Contreras, along with the other members of the band. It has a laid-back atmosphere but you can be sure that this tattoo shop is tried and tested. We inquired about the rate as we had a specific design in mind. We’ll come back once we finalized it.

When we were on our way home, we passed by a lot of other dining outlets and café’s including The Nook. I’m sure to visit the place next time.


Key takeaway: Spontaneity allows us to be excited and enjoy doing things free from restrictions we set ourselves for planning and thinking too much about what to do and what not.

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